uk coal mines list

30 West Melton, Rotherham, William B. 151 Jones Navigation, Pontypridd, Thomas Jones. 35 Blackwagon, Corngreaves, New British Iron Co. 36 Bearmore, Corngreaves, New British Iron Co. 37 Bescolt, Darlaston, Addenbrookes, Smith, and Pidcock. 108 Illkestone, Ilkestone, Butterley Iron and Coal Co. 109 Killamadot, Ekington, John Sutcliffe. 118 Forest Level, Aberdare, Nixon, Taylor and Co. 119 Four-foot Level, Hirwain, Aberdare Rhondda Steam Coal Co. 120 Fowlers Pontypridd, Pontypridd, Fowlers Pontypridd Steam Coal Limited. 35 Hedley-on-Hill, Gateshead, Messrs, Walker and Sons. 12 Black Hill Drift, Black Hill, Co. Durham, Conset Iron Co., 24 The Lawn, Stoke-on-Trent, Chatterley Iron Co. 25 Talke-o'th'-Hill, Stoke-on-Trent, New North Staffordshire Coal Limited. 251 Pendlebury, Pendlebury, Manchester, Andrew Knowles and Sons COAL FIELD AS FAR AS REGARDS GLOUCESTERSHIRE. 49 Victoria, Barnsley, E. Sutcliffe and Co. 50 Wharncliffe Silkstone, Barnsley, Wharncliffe Silkstone Coal 25 Towlerton, Ballickmoyler, Carlow, William Edge. 21 Bunkers Hill,(flooded), Bilston, Thomas Price. COUNTIES 52 Wrexham, Wrexham, Wrexham and Acton Collieries Limited. 6 Craignethan, L, Lemsahagow, Lemsahagow and Longlee Coal Co. 7 Stevenston, Lemsahagow, Lemsahagow and Longlee Coal Co. 8 Stevenston, Lemsahagow, John Hamilton and Co. 1 Auchinlea, Shotts, Gibb, McIntyre and Ancell. 14 Moldubeagh, Castlecomer, Leinster Colliery Co. 15 Monteen, Crettyyard,Castlecomer, Hall and Dobbs. 127 William, Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited). 46 Gellydeg-issaf, Maesycwmmer, W. Moore and Co. 47 Gelly-iass, Maesycwmmer, Daniel Richards. 249 Mount Pleasant, Bilston, Danks and Co. 251 Mid Cannock, Cannock, Mid Cannock Colliery Co. 252 Netherend, Stourbridge, Jos King and Co. 255 Netherton Old, Dudley, M amd W. Grazabrook. 7 Balaklava (Morley), Leeds, West Yorkshire Iron and Coal Co. 8 Beckett Street, Leeds, Holdsworth and Wilkinson. 47 Sycamore (not working), Ruabon, Evan Hughes. and Iron Co. 146 Harris Navigation, Quaker's Yard, Harris Navigation Steam Coal 121 Railey Fell, Etherley, Darlington, Henry Stobart and Co. 122 Rainton (standing), Fence Houses, Marchoness of Mineral Statistics 1889-1893. 2 Arden, New Monkland, William Black and Sons. 321 Tonge Moor, Bolton, Jethro Scowcroft. (M-Z), Pembroke 124 Venture, Wigan, Jonathan Blundell and Sons. 124 Dudley Wood, Corngreaves, N. Hingley and Sons. 71 Saint Hilda, South Shields, Harton Coal Co. 72 Seaton Burn, Newcastle, J. Bowes and Partners. 242 Trealaw, Rhondda Valley, Trealaw Coal and Brick Co. 243 Treaman, Aberdare, Powell's Duffryn Steam Coal Co., 18 West Limerigg, Slamannan, Lacour and Watson. 210 Horsley, Tipton, Horsley Colliery Co. 211 Homer Hill, Brierley Hill, Homer Hill Colliery Co. 212 Himley (part of), Dudley, J. H. Chavasse. 127 Deepmoor, Walsall, J. Bagnall and Sons. 262 Norton Cannock, Walall, Norton Cannock Colliery Co. 265 Old Park, Dudley, S. Garratt and Son. 117 Farnworth Bridge, Little Lever, Bolton, Andrew Knowles and 5 Brinsley, Nottingham, Barber, Walker and Co. 7 Cinder Hill, Nottingham, C. Seely and Co. 8 Clifton, No.1 and 2, Wilford, Clifton Colliery Co., Limited. KENT, 7 Bredbury, Stockport, Bredbury Coal and Iron Company. 6 Collins Green*, St. Helens, Collins Green Colliery Co. Limited. 17 Rock Wood, Coolbawn,Castlecomer, Joseph Dobbs. 294 Parkhead, Dudley, S Garratt and Sons. 64 Lower Place, Aberstrouth, Prothero Trust. 154 Laneclay, Llantrissant, Loftus Iron Co., Limited, 268 Oak Farm (part of), Dudley, John Walker. Limited. of Ireland, Limited. Limited. 19 Eltringham, Prudhoe Station, Eltringham Colliery Co. 21 Fallowfleld, C., (Acomb), Hexham, Walton and Cooper. 47 Wrenthorp, Wakefield, Daniel Micklethwalte and Co. 48 Whinny Moor (not working), Wakefield, Naylor and Co. 49 Woollen Well Main, Wakefield, Overend and Flint. LANARK Southan. 27 Brands, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co. 28 Brickyard, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co. 29 Britain, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co. 31 Broom House, Sheepbridge, Whittington and Sheepbridge Coal 15 Baglan Hall, Briton Ferry, Greenfell and Sons. 19 Know (Hopton near Mirfield), Dewsbury, J. Ashton. WALES 76 Inkerman, Tow Law, Darlington, Ferens and Love. 25 Gartness, New Monkland, Gartness Mineral Co. Limited. 381 Wednesbury, Old Park, Wednesbury, Patent Shaft and Axle Coal mines. Limited. 1 Slorth (Hawes), Hawes, Alexander Dimsdale. 22 Speedwell, Bristol, Kingswood and Iron Co. 23 Whitehall, Bristol, Leonard, Boult, and Co. 24 Yate Works, Yate l mile from Chipping Sodbury, Long Nowell and (Limited). Brown. 2 Butterthwaite (Ecclesfleld), Rotherham, Mark, Davey and Co. 3 Carhouse, Rotherham, John Brown and Co. Limited. Sons. 4 New Rock, Nettlebridge, New Rock Coal Co. 5 Edford, Nettlebridge. (Limited). Sligo. Coal mines. 28 Foxes Bridge, Newnham, Foxes Bridge Coal Co. 29 Gentlemen Colliers, Coleford, J. Smith. 13 Falhouse (Whitley), Dewsbury, Joseph Bedford. Limited. 24 Birchill's Hall, Walsall, George Williams. 6 Banockburn, L, Banockburn, J Johnstone. 19 Flint Marsh, Flint, Flint Marsh Colliery Co., Limited. Limited. 12 Blaecowm, Pontypool, Prosser and Thomas. 46 Miles Level, Coleford, Western Counties Colliery Co. 13 Berry Street*, Skelmersdale, J. Houghton. L, Liberton, Glagow Iron Co. 2 Niddrie,L, Liberton, Benhar Coal Co., Limited. 9 Campsie, L, Lennoxtown, Hurlet and Campsie Alum Co. 10 Cowie, L, Bannockburn, Cameron and Hutton. 8 Clattershall, Stourbridge, Edward Bowen. 1 West End, Nailsea, Bristol, Nailsea Coal and Coke Co 27 Middle Amman, Brynaman, Middle Amman Colliery Co. 30 New Lodge, Burry Port, Wise, and Wood. About Us | Contact Us | Rootsweb Blog | Copyright | Report Inappropriate Material 1 Fordell, L, Dalgetty, G. W. M. Henderson. 87 Cow Lee Lane, Westhoughton, T. H. Seddon. WARWICK, 66 Dunston, Sheepbridge, Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co., Colliery Co. 25 Speedwell, Coalville, Whitwick Colliery Co., Limited. Learn more. 22 Broomside, Medomsley, Broomside Coal Co. 23 Drew, Willington, Bell Brothers, Limited. 12 Malago Vale, Bedminster, Bristol Colliery Co. 13 Old Mills, Paulton, William Evans and Co. 14 South Liberty, Bedminster, Ashton Vale Iron Co. Limited. Co., Limited. 6 Energlyn, Caerphilly, Energlyn Coal Company. 6 Boutreehill, Dreghorn, Finnie and Finlay. 186 Golds Green, West Bromwich, J. Bagnall and Sons. Co. 47 Cottam Old, Eckington, Renshaw Coal and Iron Co. 48 Cottam New, Eckington, Renshaw Coal and Iron Co. 50 Comstall Road, Ludworth, Andrews and Son. 132 Darlaston, Darlaston, Patent Shaft and Axeltree Co. 133 Delph, Brierley Hill, J. Metalliferous mines 162 West Stanley, (standing), Chester-le-Street, J. H. Burn. 39 Barrow Hill Coppice, Dudley, Woodall and Co. 42 Blowers Green (part of), Dudley, Smith and Aston. 149 Ferry Hill, Grange, Ferry Hill, Weardale Iron and Coal Co., 361 Titford Long Meadow, Oldbury, Messrs. Dunn. DURHAM, 7 Gartshore, L, Kilsyth, William Baird and Company. 1 Airdrie and Chapelside, New Monkland, Ferrier and Strain. (East and West Ridings) A-E 18 New Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, New Hanley and Bucknall Coal 18 Ewloe Hall, Buckley, Mold, Edward Parry. 41 Scholes, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy. Collieries In Northumberland And North Durham. Cavan, Kilkenny, Leitrim, Roscommon, Queens County, Sligo, 75 Thatchpit or Independent, Coleford, Oliver Lewis. 47 Old Bridge, Corsenside, William Green. Co. (Limited). 54 Bute, Aberdare, Aberdare Rhondda Steam Coal Co. 55 Bute Merthyr, Pontypridd, Marqiuis of Bute. B. Crooks. Co. 47 Breightmet (not working), Breightmet, Breightmet Colliery (Limited). 217 Unstone Main, Unstone, UnstoneCoal and Coke Co., Limited. (Limited). 356 Speedwell, Oldbury, Clifton and Collins. 269 Old Hill, Old Hill, N. Hingley and Sons. 89 Cranberry Moss, Entwistle, Bolton, Ralph Entwistle and Co. 8 Clogh, Old, Clogh Castlecomer, Partrickk Shortall. 12 Brownyside, New Monkland, Shotts Iron Co. 13 Brownrigg, New Monkland, Brownrigg Coal Co. 14 Brownrigg, New Monkland, Drumgray Coal Co. 15 Chapelhall, New Monkland, Monkland Iron and Coal Co., 41 Engine, Wigan, John Scowcroft and Co. (Limited). 22 Blackheath, Rowley Regis, T. Llewellyn. CASTLECOMER DISTRICT. 86 Stanley, Chester-le-Street, J. Joicey and Co. 88 Tanfield, Lea, Gateshead, J. Joicey and Co. 89 Tanfield Moor, Gateshead, J. Joicey and Co. 90 Team (Eighton Moor), Gateshead, A. E. Burdon. 113 Coneygre (part), Tipton, Churchill and Co. 114 Coppice Old, Wyrley, Cannock Old Coppics Colliery Co. 115 Cutle's End, West Bromwich, Farley and Sons. 299 South Grain, Dulesgate, James G. Dearden. LANARK 3 Newbury, Nettlebridge, Bath, Westbury Iron Co. Limited. 2 Adwalton Lane, Leeds, Rushforth and Co. 3 Adwalton Moor, Leeds, William Bower and Brothers. 25 Brettell Lane, Brierley Hill, G K Harrison. 75 Rhymney, Newport, Rhymney Iron Company. 193 Oakwood Pits, Bridgend, Governor and Co., successors. near Newport, Thomas Phillips Price. 12 Gauchalland, Galston, Gauchalland Coal Co. 13 Goatfoot, Galston, Boyd, Gilmour, and Co. 15 Grougar, Kilmarnock, Eglinton Iron Company. (Limited). 15 Townsend (Bucknall), Hanley, Holdcroft and Co. 1 Cobridge, Burslem, Tellwright and Watkin. M) DERBYSHIRE 111 Stonehouse, Wigan, J. Scowcroft and Co. (Limited). Limited. 236 Taibach, Merthyr, Aberdare and Plymouth Iron Co. 237 Tewgoed, Taibach, R. B. Byass and Co. 238 Tir Issa, Llansamlet, Landore Siemans Steel Co., Limited. 109 Chillinton, Wolverhampton, Geo. 100 Plank Lane, Hindley Green, Ackers Whitley and Co. 30 East Stanley, Chester-le-Street, James Joicey and Co. 31 East Tanfield, Gateshead, James Joicey and Co. 32 Elswick, Newcastle, Elswick Colliery Co. 33 Ewehurst Head, Gateshead, R. Dickinson and Co. 34 Felling, Gateshead, Sir George Elliot Bart. H. Hill. 1 Coalbrook and Bolintlea, Slievardagh, Lisnamrock, Mining Co, of 161 Higher Croft, Breightmet, Frank Hardcastle. 2 Firmey, Methhillhill, Fife Coal Co. Limited. 10 Wester Barbauchlaw, Bathgate, Uphill Mineral Oil Co, NOTTINGHAM series. 208 Swadlincote, Burton, Hall and Boardman. 23 Cowpen, Blyth, Cowpen and North Seaton Coal Co. 24 Delaval Benwell, Newcastle, J. Co. 147 Hendreforgan, Swansea Valley, Hendreforgan Colliery Co., 4 Bartonholme, Killwinning, Eglinton Iron Company. 100 Delph, Middle Hulton, Bridgewater Trustees. Earsdon, Shire Moor Coal Co. 79 South Benwell, Newcastle, Wm. 25 Broomfield, Standish, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited). 1 Crane Row, Bishop Auckland, Thomas Atkinson and Son. Coal mines. 114 Ellerbeck, Coppull, Ellerbeck Coal and Cannel Co. 24 Paddocklaw, Dreghorn, Merry and Cunningham. 3 Chesterton, Newcastle, Chesterton Coal Co., Limited. 41 Victoria, Wakefield, R. Hudson and Co. 42 Walton, Wakefield, Walton Coal Co., Limited. 34 Plssissa, Llanelly , Llangennech Coal Co. 35 Pontyberem, Llanelly, Pontyberem Colliery Co. 38 Saint David's, Cwmaman, Llangennech Coal Co. 39 Talylcyn, Pontardulais, W. W. Masters. 50 Loughurst, Near Morpeth. 54 Wynnstay, Ruabon , New British Iron Co. 1 Minera, Garwen, Bonvilles Court Coal and Iron Co., Co. 1 Don Pedro, Normanton, H. Briggs and Son. 219 Resolven, Neath, Cardiff and Swansea Steam Coal Co., 329 Rowley Station, Rowley Regis, Rowley Station Colliery Co. 330 Station (not working), Walsall, Station Colliery Co. 332 Shut End, New, Dudley, Cochrane and Co. 334 Spring Hill, Blowich, Darlaston Steel and Iron Co. 335 Swan, West Bromwich, Swan Colliery Co. 336 Spring Vale (part of), Bilston, J. and T. Williams. 38 Upper Gornal, Dudley, Cartwright and Co. 39 Upper Gornal, Dudley, W. H. Waterfield and Co. 40 Wittymoor, Stourbridge, Harris and Pearson. Co. 2 Astley, Dukinfield, Dunkirk Coal Company. Brain. 1 Gilmerton. 103 Dewhurst Drift, Baxenden, George Hargreaves and Co. 104 Dillhall, Enfield, Dukenhalsh Colliery Co., (Limited). 213 Hawne, New, Halesowen, New British Iron Co. 214 Heathfield, Darlaston, J. and J. Cotterill. 19 Blaguegate, Skelmersdale, Lord Skelmersdale. 40 Lilleshall, Wellington, The Lilleshall Co. 41 Madeley Court, Wellington, W. O. Elliot, Bart. 81 Gresley Wood, Whittington, Moira Colliery Co. 82 Granby Nos.1,2 and 3, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co. 83 Grassmoor, Chesterfield, Grassmoor Co. 84 Granville, Swadlincote, Granville Colliery Co., Limited.

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