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Which Decade Is Tops For Pops? (Perhaps that’s why it got what little chart support it did there, though.) So undeserving of such a chart run. Didn’t they say you were gonna be trouble The friend that was there all along. It’s not as if anyone demands wisdom for the ages from 20-year-olds, so why not wait a few years? I had a picture of you in my mind Down with This Sort Of Thing! This must be the sound of Boyzone going over the edge in a barrel. Never knew it could be so wrong I don’t hate it but I don’t like it much either.

From him I’d have expected a surprising chord somewhere, something for the main melody to bite down on as it were, maybe somewhere a Mozart-style hurry-up hooking you….

And sing a song about being them. No.2 watch: Dave Stavroz’ ‘Hot Lips’ (a Curiosity Killed The Cat-influenced number honed on Dave’s days working the Medway jazz scene), and Keni’s proto-afrobeat monster ‘Lust In My Head’. Why'd it take me so long just to find? But Lloyd Webber doesn’t get his lyricist either – he gets Steinman ringing the changes on a three-word phrase to abstracting and tedious effect. Thank you for your intetprinterpr. Benito Mussolini ” But a blind-faith religious interpretation is also possible, and makes it surprising that this didn’t do more business in the US, or at least in the midwest. People told me you were too much to take But confronted with a notionally defiant Boyzone, I’m left with the same disquiet I had facing one who wanted to take a stand and change the world, on “A Different Beat”: I don’t believe you. This is possibly one of the very few Boyzone hits that I can actually remember. Nigeria vs Germany, The FreakyTrigger 25 Best (London) Pubs of the 00’s : Intro, ELTON JOHN – “Candle In The Wind ’97” / “Something About The Way You Look Tonight”, The Greek Alphabet of Piss-poor Pop: Introduction. It (just) gets a 3 from me. With the two non-bunnies “Father & Son” and the follow up “Isn’t It A Wonder”, this is pretty much Boyzone at their best. Copyright: Writer(s): Paul Wilson, Ronan Keating, Eliot John Kennedy, Andy John Watkins Lyrics Terms of Use, Didn't they say that I would make a mistake Idi Amin Dada Hmm, except “the mists of Victoria” makes me think of Mildura gumtrees at dawn. There’s been plenty of care taken over the arrangement – the final seconds, with the members of the band finishing each other’s lines, standing together, are certainly a thoughtful touch. It’s fundamentally anti-science, anti-rationality: a total eclipse of the brain. Ah Tom of all times to give this lot a 1.It’s not that bad! It’s just as bouncy as “Wannabe”, but tighter and…, One of the charges you might level at Irish Model boybands is a lack of ambition. Almost. But “A Different Beat” is ambitious. Having no foreknowledge of this before the other night, I was expecting more of the same, and not a “serious topic” song. It’s the worst aspects of cultural relativism in lyric form. David Whitfield or Ronnie Hilton would have felt comfy with NMW, and could have wrung something more out of It. It feels like it was only a number one because it succeeded an equally feeble chart topper in I Feel You – it fell out of the charts almost as quickly. David Icke It takes too long to get to the chorus. The lizards don’t want you listening to the ‘Zone. Once Louis Walsh and crew found a style that worked, they generally stuck to it – and the evidence is they were right to. I mean, sure, this song could be interpreted as being on the side of nutcases and kooks, but couldn’t it also be interpreted as not always conforming to the party line? Thanks, World Cup. They write a verse about how their travels round the world have opened their eyes about our common humanity, and the only “African” thing anyone can think of is an old Toto lyric. We analyze and translate different kinds of songs. I said in a comment a few number ones back that there was a record I was looking forward to defending – and here it is. I’ll try and get back on schedule using some of the less write-able upcoming tracks…. 2 in both Ireland and the United Kingdom and led to Keating winning an Ivor Novello Award. Ok I actually like this one…. Weej @28: Speaking for myself, it’s because I remember the Jan Moir furore all too well, which inclines me to give Gately more than the usual benefit of the doubt. I was thinking about that this week with the horrific news from Galway. I didn't know the meaning of this song, but I understand now. ^ just a spambot cutting and pasting from the above comments, but enough to put the heart crossways in me. General Augusto Pinochet Jim Jones

Weird that the embarrassing “A Different Beat” has turned out to the best of their number ones (at least so far, I haven’t spoiled myself to see if they’ll be troubling us again on Popular).

Blocking these two songs is only made worse due to the fact that Boyzone had 5 other #1s and that this blends in with so many other similar songs by boy bands. I like this melody a lot but mostly because something very similar can be heard on ‘Amor I love You’ by Brazilian singer Marisa Monte – which you can listen to here. '97 – 30.7.

Wander around in the archives, or join in with the marvellous bunch of commenters we've managed to attract - new voices always very welcome! I had a picture of you in my mind But “A Different Beat” is ambitious.

This song is absolutely fucking hilarious in its badness. What do you think is the meaning of Mystical Experience by Boyzone? 3. Was mighty worried at the beginning of this article that Tom was going to show mercy and I’m mighty glad he didn’t; I completely agree, this is the worst Boyzone single I’ve ever heard. Looks like a little while until the final one. But just the thought of all the myxomatosis-afflicted Irish bunnies we have to face before we get to that point is almost too depressing for words. Enver Hoxha

(In other circumstances his bombast, with assured musical confidence and excess, allows all sorts of lyrical foolishness through the filter: the very blandness of this track means there is no escape, and leads me to wonder how Boyzone might have covered one of the songs from his – in places wonderful – Pandora’ s Box project ‘(There’s No Such Thing As) Safe Sex (When It Comes To Lovin’ You)’. For my part, I find the sentiment of “No matter what they teach you / What we believe is true” totally toxic.

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