kamala harris acceptance speech

The vision that made my own life possible. To many observers in the United States, China is America's main threat and enemy. How, as a single father, Joe would spend 4 hours every day riding the train back and forth from Wilmington to Washington. On that day, she probably could have never imagined that I would be standing before you now speaking these words: I accept your nomination for Vice President of the United States of America. Read Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris' speech from the 2020 Democratic National Convention, as prepared for delivery: And these women inspired us to pick up the torch, and fight on. What an awesome privilege. When I was 5, my parents split and my mother raised us mostly on her own. (Read Poynter's fact check of the speech here.). Speaking to a group of appropriately socially distanced reporters and state delegation signs, she delivered a speech with sharp jabs at Trump and the Republican Party while also drawing viewers into a better picture of the future. And we are a nation that’s grieving. That's the vision that our parents and grandparents fought for. I've fought for children and survivors of sexual assault. They fell in love in that most American way -- while marching together for justice in the civil rights movement of the 1960s. And oh, how I wish she were here tonight, but I know she’s looking down on me from above. UPI Photo |, Russian media may be joining China and Iran in turning on Trump. Her perceived coziness with law enforcement and perceived failure to challenge wrongful convictions as attorney general of California have drawn criticism from progressives, who harbor some skepticism about her incarnation on the campaign trail as a warrior for equal justice. Thank you. For George Floyd. Your support for our journalism is invaluable. Please note our login process has changed. Like so many mothers, she worked around the clock to make it work—packing lunches before we woke up— and paying bills after we went to bed. Family is Mrs. Shelton—my second mother who lived two doors down and helped raise me. Thank you. What an awesome responsibility. New Zealanders urged to be vigilant on long weekend as Covid app use falls, Eva Mendes didn't want kids before meeting Ryan Gosling, Strictly's Jacqui Smith is reminiscent of Hi-de-Hi! It's a lot. But I first got to know Joe as the father of my friend. If Republicans had any shame, this would be embarrassing for them. And our children and our grandchildren will look in our eyes and ask us: Where were you when the stakes were so high? They will ask us, what was it like? Years from now, this moment will have passed. Praising her mother, the potential future vice-president said: “She raised us to be proud, strong Black women. On the state of the nation under the current administration, Ms. Harris said, “The constant chaos leaves us adrift. Let’s go.”, President Obama was not hopey-changey Wednesday night. Family is my sister. “And let’s be clear — there is no vaccine for racism. Joe will bring us together to squarely face and dismantle racial injustice, furthering the work of generations. We’re not often taught their stories. Family is our beautiful children, Cole and Ella, who as you just heard, call me Momala. We understand some users are having problems with comments loading and this will hopefully remedy that problem. People of all ages and colors and creeds who are, yes, taking to the streets, and also persuading our family members, rallying our friends, organizing our neighbors and getting out the vote. And we will tell them. It's not about Joe or me. It’s about us. Trafalgar offers history lesson for China threat. Yet so many of the Black women who helped secure that victory were still prohibited from voting, long after its ratification. We believe that our country -- all of us, will stand together for a better future. Let’s fight with hope. The incompetence makes us feel afraid. We see it in the doctors, the nurses, the home healthcare workers and the frontline workers who are risking their lives to save people they've never met. Truth #4: When we go to work, we're in the fight. Senator, Ms. Harris who had, earlier this year, introduced legislation to examine and respond to the race dimensions of the COVID-19 burden, said at her speech that a disproportionately high number of racial minorities were being impacted by the diseases due to “structural racism” . And let's be clear -- there is no vaccine for racism.

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