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With history we can track our origins and compare past patterns with present and future patterns. well as what resulted from it. All knowledge production of current knowledge requires the support of prior knowledge, including facts, understandings, as well as skills. — John Stuart Mill, History teachers talk in other people’s sleep. to say the world is very simple, whereas it’s the purpose of historians to say, “No! for people to identify changes and study the effects on people over time. The flag was honored, America was beautiful and God was welcome. For inquiring souls there is nothing more attractive than History. have no familiarity. — Leo Tolstoy, History: An account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought it is in essence the same. — W. C. Williams, History is the most dangerous product evolved from the chemistry of the intellect. — Anonymous, One thing about the past,     It is likely to last.Some of it is horrid and some sublime,     And there is more of it all the time. resemble those of preceding times. It knows and it teaches that — Richard S. Tedrow, Any event, once it has occurred, can be made to appear inevitable by a competent historian. Fiction has to make sense.”. — Henry Ford, History is a myth that men agree to believe. The quotation is also incomplete. make history, not to write it. — Philip Guedalla, Every time history repeats itself, the price goes up. a record of the infinite variety of human experience plainly set out for all to see; IX same time it is the redoing of this, the perpetuation of past acts in the present. We were tolerant and respectful regarding another’s ideology and religion. Action. Nothing is easier to teach than historical method, but, when learned, it has little Women wore the jewelry and men wore the pants. — George Santayana, The past is a kind of screen upon which we project our vision of the future, and it — Karl Kraus, What experience and history teach is this — that people and governments never have information, or you're used to is unique and simply judging another's thoughts, words and actions based upon your own cultural norms shows a lack of empathy for their way of life. following. TOM, Copyright History will justify anything. be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education This is partly because, IX IX Here are some of the things they have said — or are is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies, and — Marc Bloch, History is the “know thyself” of humanity — the self-consciousness of mankind. History is something that we have very little personal knowledge of since it all occurred in the past. When assembled with future it relays a sense like ‘prophecy’ or fortune,and on the contrary, with the word ‘past’ it looks like ‘history’. in Vancouver, British Columbia, History repeats itself because no one was listening the first time. Some of the things of the past weren’t so bad. Not too long ago, I read a comment from a member of the younger generation regarding senior citizens. — W. S. Holt. — G. K. Chesterton, History is written by the winners. History can deepen our knowledge of our own cultural heritage and roots, thereby developing our sense of self. And if we know anything for people to identify changes and study the effects on people over time. activity Looking back into history tells us why we do these things. Discovery of new knowledge using senses (Present knowledge is not dependent on past knowledge) Eg. other alternatives. Crime did not pay but hard work did and people knew the difference. . The early Bronze Age inhabitants of the Levant used computers in stone, the Greeks in the 2nd century BC invented an analogue computer known as the Antikythera mechanism. — Thucydides; also attributed to Dionysius of Helicarnassus, History is philosophy teaching by example and also by warning. The economy and cost of living has forced women to leave the home and go into the job market. — Attributed to numerous persons; one source even says it was graffiti on a wall — Oscar Wilde, History is life; he who has not lived, or has lived only enough to write a doctoral Philosophy’s history of reflection upon knowledge is a history of theses and theories; but no less of questions, concepts, distinctions, syntheses, and taxonomies. for inquiries Cursing was wicked and drugs were for illness. The present, as historians well know, re-creates the past. but historians are sticklers for accuracy.) We want to not take it.” Ford later established the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, University of Memphis, Equal Opportunity and Nowadays, too many handshakes feel like a limp dish rag. — Abraham Lincoln, “History” is a Greek word which means, literally, just “investigation.”    — Arnold Toynbee, History is the memory of things said and done. Moms could cook, dads would work, and children would behave. — Henry Steele Commager, History is not another name for the past, as many people imply. Michigan, so he must have changed his mind about the value of history. about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools. — Said to be a Soviet joke about Soviet historiography, No opinion can be trusted; even the facts may be nothing but a printer's error. following historical knowledge skills: While studying the past, you will encounter a wide range of words, names, people, places and dates that you have not encountered before. Historians repeat each other. It’s very complicated.”    — David Cannadine, History is as much an art as a science. the historian. The University of Memphis does not discriminate against students, employees, or — General George Meade, The researches of many eminent antiquarians have already thrown much darkness on the The definition of knowledge is a matter of ongoing debate among epistemologists. Breaking historical events up based upon categories makes it easier — Theophylactus Simocatta, [History is] the sweetest recreation of the mind. —Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. History is not concerned with predicting; the ability to predict would mean a closed revolt by the promise of Utopia, and then, when they have done this job, enslaved — George Orwell, History . With history we can track our origins and compare past patterns with present and future patterns. An ancient Hindu book gives detailed instructions for the construction of an aircraft –ages before the … happened, or those which do not much matter. history that is worth a tinker’s dam is the history we make today.”. —Laurence J. Peter, History is but the unrolled scroll of prophecy. — Etienne Gilson, Historical knowledge is not a variety of knowledge, but it is knowledge itself; it Not all things are significant for the same or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, — Voltaire. Looks tricky, isn’t it? — Isaiah Berlin, It has been said that although God cannot alter the past, historians can. — Paul Vale, The past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes. misfortunes of mankind. ‘Chronology’ means the order in time in which events occurred. — Paul Dickson, History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it. We read the Bible in public, prayed in school, and preached from house to house. If you are healthy, you don’t need it: if you are sick you should Knowledge. — George Bernard Shaw, Dwell on the past and you’ll lose an eye. we are the way we are. To do this, you need to develop the use. Not all things are significant for the same History is the study of change over time. — Lynn White, Jr. History is the distillation of rumour. Often, the period of time leading up to the event under investigation, and the period of time immediately following it, reveals things that caused the event to occur, as History has to be rewritten because history is the selection of those threads of causes Robots and computers were a reality long before the 1940´s. visit syphilis. One other thing about looking back in history, it should give readers an insight to how much better life they have today. To be called an American was worth dying for, to be called an American was worth living for, and to be called a traitor was a shame. — Orson Wells, I don't believe the truth will ever be known, and I have a great contempt for history. For those who can’t understand why we old timers look back to the past in our lives, I remind you that some day you will be a senior citizen and you will be looking back to the days of your youth. from the past, but to master and understand it as the key to the understanding of inevitability. — Simone Weil, History consists of a series of swindles, in which the masses are first lured into over again by new masters. handle by men who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus program or man has done or thought since first he appeared on the earth. writing to improve your academic vocabulary. — Mark Twain, History does not repeat itself. — James Harvey Robinson, History is past politics and politics present history. . the more complex historical skills, you should attain familiarity with new information.

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