electoral college map 2016

Does anyone know, was this due mostly to the latino vote? I’m city folk and i am ex military, like a lot of city folk, we can survive Had nothing to do with fear. And don’t forget the states – 36 out of 50 now. The other three are Baltimore MD, St Louis MO, and Carson City NV. The Roman Empire fell due to being spread across so many countries Among my first words post-election results was that blame for the outcome rested squarely upon the shoulders of the DNC. I give you 4 counties in NY – Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and WestChester – which provided her 1.3 million of the 3 million. Except they do, because most of the county votes for Democrats. We have to stop somewhere. Yes, the empire was spread far but that only exacerbated the break down of the family. I would agree with much of what you said; it makes sense in many ways. 17% of the population should not be telling the other 83% of the population what to do and think. 2020 Takeaway: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin should be a priority (if not the number one priority) for both the Republican and Democratic nominees. Hillary was the “elephant” in the room, the one voters loved to hate. Wouldn’t this get the debt paid down quickly? There’s a reason our Constitution is the oldest in the world and why our country was THE most successful, and golden age every previous civilization dreamed of having. No, that’s why the electoral method is pure genius. Voters can be cherry picked from any group of states that collectively have 38 Electoral College votes. And we knew, regardless of the heavily-weighted polls, that we had a winner. I’m a bit baffled at the moment. Leg Torn off in an auto accident? They weren’t voting for Trump. I was a part of staff for a union demolition co. where our Gen Superintendent was in fact an illegal . The 2016 model projects Clinton has a 71.8% chance of winning on Tuesday, with 48.5% of the popular vote and 301 Electoral college votes. Majority rule is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner. And hey, no reason to call him a POS just because your girl didn’t win. And to an earlier point… They’re head for the bright ights and “Progressive” cities that the press says are the best. And I would turn your question around and ask “shouldn’t the president be for the ENTIRE US, and not just the president of the rural or less populated areas?”. Following each table, there will be a bolded 2020 Takeaway — key information to consider for November’s presidential contest. That’s 83 years of hard labor. river……they need farm help probably. Donald Trump’s 306 to 232[1] Electoral College victory over Hillary Clinton obscures just how competitive the race was. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ©2016 ElectoralMap.net, all rights reserved But in our system, abstentions are almost uniformly discarded. and if you moved to the city you would probably shoot an innocent black person because you “feared” them. . WHAT if they model our offices with the same provisions they have in their own countries!”. The point was for the people to elect electors, who then used their brains to pick a president. Now, we know the rest of that story. How about we smash destroyers of democracy? I’m interested in hearing more. Table 6 shows Clinton flipping Florida and Michigan. Clinton would not have gotten all of the California or New York votes. Sorry Andrew, Fact do matter the fall of the Roman Empire was multi-cultural ism and the break down as the family unit as the core of society. Can I order a poster sized county-by-county election map for 2016? After the votes are tallied, the votes would be modified to make the members within each state vote unanimously. Congress should vote on laws like the electoral college. Where ARE you going to get that food, anyway? Let’s see if you can win the mid-terms first. The experience that the majority –not all, mind you, but the majority– of rural Americans have with the rest of the world is limited to vacations, military sevice/war, or small trips to “the city.” I’m sorry, but living in a box isn’t conducive to understanding of the world around you. However, given Trump’s larger 2016 margin in North Carolina, it would probably be more difficult for Democrats to flip than Arizona. It must be fun to have such a wild imagination that you can construct these stories. 2) The importance of states is diminished. it does, just not the one you think it does. We would also like to state that most of those who find themselves without having health insurance are normally students, self-employed and people who are out of work. — Using 2016 presidential election results, we can map out the different paths that Clinton had to winning 270 electoral votes. America wanted change one way or another, and they voted it in. Fear and astonishment. 17% of the population should not be telling the other 83% of the population what to do and think. This is fundamentally wrong and can lead to minority rule. I suspected it but got confirmation later after leaving the Co . Here are seven maps, from seven different sources, that show analysts’ forecasts for Tuesday night. We’ll do this by exploring specific routes Clinton had to beating Trump in the Electoral College, the total number of votes this would have required her to net, and the cost of the electoral votes. It simply blows my mind that anyone would vote for or support a Socialist like Bernie. How about an electoral map that properly shows population instead of largely-empty land? Box 400806Charlottesville, VA 22904, © 2020 By the Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia. By the way i was asked by the owner to find missing equipment when hired and 2 yrs into my tenure i found a Bobcat tractor in the garage of one of 3 houses the Superintendent owned .

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