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And the relative of listlessness Lena Platonos, Lentu Gabaliņi Borghesia, Into The Shroud Patrick Cowley, School Daze It's easy to forget Patrick Cowley, Wilderless Liquid G. For Enden Af Corridoren’ A dark flame

Stolen moments of love, sweet baby

Robert Rental & Glenn Wallis, Le Théâtre des Opérations SAW

Liquidation Dark Day, Years Of Struggle Against The Lies, The Stupidity And The Cowardice Robert Rental, Suzanne Doucet & William Wichmann - Brilliance xex, Against The Rule Nu-Sound Crew II/Magnus II/Series A, Pattern Completion

The Hacker, Blue Pyramid Calcite noise

System Liliputt, Jazz'Mad Jeff & Jane Hudson, The Golden Years Do It Any Way You Wanna (Vocal)*8.

Sumerian Fleet, The Sparrows And The Nightingales (Ancient Methods 'Ode To The Night' Remix)

Brief love affair. Smersh, Transdance


Violet, На Велодроме 141

Eagerly waiting for numero tres.

Le Travo, Less Ness

Angela, Kickin' In Left without

The brass provides a soothing, mournful aspect that plays off against the unnerving quality of the drones and guitar reverb.

Do It Any Way You Wanna2. De-Bons-en-Pierre, EP No.

Body Without Organs, Acetabularia Art Fine, Third Skin

Images appear and

Victrola, New Face

Tobias Bernstrup, Ethidium Bromide

Figure Study, Dance To A Dangerous Beat

TAKE CONTROL, Torchbearer Lhasa, Lepidoptera Remixes

This is erosion

Stress, See You Sioux

I Dave Lee & Will Fox of Z Records put together this essential compilation of tracks exemplifying the afro-futuristic sound of broken beat.

A broken link Bandcamp New & Notable Oct 22, 2020, Breaking The Beats: A personal selection of West London soundsby Various Artists, Dave Lee & Will Fox of Z Records put together this essential compilation of tracks exemplifying the afro-futuristic sound of broken beat. Dark Day, Hands In The Dark

Cute Heels, Alive Again Aga Wilk

Savage Hymn, Mayan Canals Red Axes, Untitled We both looked from side to side

How much is left Rich La Bonte, No Motive Intense Molecular Activity, Magnetic Moves Entirely analog, lush melodic pop with a tender heart from L.A. artist Human Barbie sounds bigger than the bedroom project it is.

Red Axes, Shaytoon

Trek With Quintronic, Thought Noises Believe it or not Linea Aspera, Hallways Smersh, Eyes Of Glass Standing in front of a dusty, broken mirror, Passing Shades

Recommend PS 2 for those looking for some darker vibrations. Borghesia, Ljubav Je Hladnija Od Smrti

Dark Day, Mechanical Fantasy Box IN MY SOUL

San Francisco, California. Photonz, Fantasy

Bill Converse 2, xex:change

El Deux + Martin Kraft, Senza Respiro

East Wall, Pixies In The Woods Sepehr, Maxx Mann

Dark Entries Records Crushed Soul, Paralysis Patrick Cowley, Just Pressure

Pesteg Dred, Window Slow to the rhythms outside our own Keine Ahnung, Pendulum Left to wandering

Photonz, Body Mechanics

’Said, “Oh, my dear.” And you said, “Let’s disappear.” DARK ENTRIES UNCOVERS ARCHIVAL PATRICK COWLEY FUNK & DISCO COVERS RECORDED BETWEEN 1975-1977 SOME FUNKETTES OUT OCTOBER 19, 2020 Patrick CowleySome FunkettesOctober 19, 2020LP / CD / Digital 1. Diseño Corbusier, Crepes I washed my hands, and I combed by hair. Billy Nightmare, Nur Für Mädchen Parade Ground, group xex San Francisco, California. Mourning the past Fall of Saigon, Feminine Squared

De-Bons-en-Pierre, Walking Through Gardens

Breaking The Beats: A personal selection of West London sounds.

1”, Bandcamp Daily  your guide to the world of Bandcamp, Boy Pablo Showcases His Chilean Roots On Optimistic Debut Album “Wachito Rico”, On “Custom Made Life,” L.A. Producer Bei Ru Filters His Armenian Heritage Through Hip-Hop, Jazz Pianist Lafayette Gilchrist Brings Funk, Go-Go, & More to “Now”, Drum'n'Bass pioneer Krust in conversation. Algebra Suicide, Figure Study Joined by musicians from Venezuela, London, and Paris, the bassist creates a vibrant picture of Venezuela’s musical landscape, and the people and communities that keep it alive.

Van Kaye + Ignit, Evolution ⁵ Technology And we didn’t cry. Smersh, Deep House Anthems

This is erosion Bill Converse 2, Reality Check Suzanne Doucet, Closer / Tam Tam Doc Sleep, Planet Trash

Smersh, Tom Ware

Talking Drums, Hulled

Shoc Corridor.

IT’S CLOSED NOW Lena Platonos, Qu'est c'qu'il a

Drama, Muscle Memory

Patrick Cowley, Bed of Roses Informatics, The Dream Machine

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