ayrshire coal mines

This fits with the mining fatality mentioned above. That page is based on evidence from Hugh’s will, which names some of his children and his wife Jane (but not a “Helen” it seems), and quotes his gravestone. Recall the size of the Hay families above, or their neighbours, and how they had to be squashed into a single room. ( Log Out /  It appears that he and another individual were employed in rebarring the pit with new wood and, in carrying this operation into effect, had constructed a fixed scaffold several fathoms from the top. ~1839), Jean (4m, so born around Jan 1841). Now I will return to the Hay family, Generation Two. Ann Hughes (40) widow, pauper, from Ireland, and five children aged from 3 to 16, the oldest being worker in coal mine, born in Coylton (or Stair). William Bennie (52) coal miner, Mary Service Bennie (52) and five children, including a coal miner, an general labourer, and a domestic scholar. I was trying to work it out do you reckon it was the 1950s? Just possibly it was in the late 30s after the toffee factory business had ended, up to WW2, because I can’t imagine they would have been able to operate during WW2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coylton has a short section on the Trysting Thorn of Coylton Parish which appears in Burns’s A Soldier’s Song. Jane Thomson (58, widow) small grocery, children Peter (18) apprentice gardener, Janet (11), Catherine (8). His wife Susan is correct and the interface tells me 11 children are listed, with, it appears, useful marriage information. William (37) coal miner from Coylton, Mary Ann (sic) (39, wife), from Ballantrae, with seven children: Elizabeth (16) dressmaker, Maggie (14) pupil teacher, William (9), Jessie (7), Mary Ann (4), John (2), James (1m). I think these photos were taken on the same day, on a day out, rather than on two separate occasions. It is creditable to the miners’ wives at Woodside that they really make the best of the situation and do not throw ashes under the windows, but proper ash-pits should be provided at once, if the character of the place is to be maintained. Well researched & well written. The railway had reached Waterside in 1858 for the high quality coal being extracted from deep mines. Their children and grandchildren lived around them (see below). This could be Hugh Hay, born in Straiton in 1812. it expanded greatly to around fifty homes. There is an interesting biography. Camlarg, a collier hamlet in Dalmellington parish, Ayrshire, about 1 mile from Dalmellington village. Agnes presumably had undergone an operation because her goitre was dangerous. I also found this interesting – https://www.fff.org/explore-freedom/article/enclosure-acts-industrial-revolution/ on poverty, industialisation, and land ownership. It seems that pus-forming (“pyogenic”) bacteria (e.g. Her place of birth was in Dailly parish, Ayrshire, slightly to the south, and the marriage in the OPR and census information agree on that location. We regret to learn that a collier, named John Thomson, was killed on Monday in a pit on the farm of Drumdow, parish of Stair. We can guess what their views might have been, in broad terms, if not in detail. With ladies of uncertain age it is best to give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume that they are still in the spring-time of life, but a young wife, barely out of her teens, is jealous exceedingly of her dignity, and resents the imputation of being still a school-girl. Is it James Hay, Jenny’s father? He was to become one of those wealthy coalmasters and businessmen that Hardie and other contemporaries were set against. https://www.geograph.org.uk/gridref/NS4221, https://www.geograph.org.uk/gridref/NS4222, https://www.genuki.org.uk/big/sct/AYR/Coylton, Troon and District Family History Society, https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/working-lives-in-the-mining-industry, s available online in a 2004 digitisation, https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/glasgow/stair-ayr.shtml. McChesney is a great name, and it turns out, a fairly rare one, in all its varieties. I forgot I’d written about it.

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