aladdin lamp catalog

10001-1063 – Wedding White Powder Coated Aluminum Shelf Lamp (2018-Present) B-110 – White Moonstone 112 – Flesh/Rose Moonstone, 1935 – Ribbed/Scalloped Connector 108 – Brass or Bronze Parlour Lamp with Green Cased Shade -Boardwalk Empire, HBO 10001-1051 – Black Beauty Powder Coated Aluminum Shelf Lamp (2018-Present) VB-2312 – Cobalt Nickel 102 – Peach D2301-413 – Blue Floral, C6102 – Cobalt Blue w/ nickel B-102 – Green Beta Crystal 1003 – Nickel Wall (Bracket) Lamp B-91 – White Moonstone font w/ Rose Moonstone Foot, B-95 – White Moonstone w/ bronze base All lamps are completely functional right out of the box – just assemble and add fuel. Model MAXbrite (2015-PRESENT) 10001-6747 – Smoke Gray Brass (2018) B-75 – Alacite (pre-war 1940-1945, glows yellow/green); plain foot and scallop foot Pink over Clear (1993, 1997) B-96 – White Moonstone w/ silver base 1 (888) 332-5534 C-6107N – Clear Nickel Ivory with Shade (2001) C6113 – Emerald w/ brass 1231M – 10 1/2″ Marble-like Ceramic Amber Tone Vase Lamp 102 – Nickel or Brass Font (Store or Fount) Lamp Thank you so much for the fast response and even more for the exceptional customer service. 10000-7059 (B-2301) – Solid Brass Heritage 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time), © Aladdin Mantle Lamps, another quality product from Crownplace Brands, Ltd 2020. B-51 – Green B-77 – Ruby Crystal (1941), B-26 – Ivory Alacite with Decalomania 101A – Nickel or Brass Table Lamp with 201 Opal Shade Green over Clear (1999-?) Vaseline with Shade (2004-?) This, of course, does not completely cover every lamp ever made, but does show a wide variety. B-52 – Amber 717 – Satin Brass Hanging Lamp with Frame, Smoke Bell, Ceiling Extension Fixture, and 416 Satin White Shade, 801 – Satin Brass Table Lamp with 401 Satin White Shade 1237 – 8 1/2″ Florentine Rose Moonstone Vase Lamp Choose from solid brass, or beautiful glass models. Model MAXbrite (2015-PRESENT) Cobalt (1975) B-49 – Amber We’ve attempted to provide as many lamps and dates as possible. Below is a sampling of lamps currently in production. B-76 – Cobalt Crystal; plain foot and scallop (1940) 1203 B – Bronze Wall (Bracket or Fount) Lamp With over 100 years of history, it is fascinating to see the evolution of all the beautiful styles and colors. 1257* – Ivory and Gold (1933) 1244 – 10 1/4″ Venetian Art Craft Blue Vase Lamp A2315 – Aluminum Shelf Lamp B-280 – Ivory and Gold (1937) B-41 – Amber C-6125 – Clear over Ruby (2004-?) 0153-03 – Soft Green Proudly designed and assembled in the USA. 104 – Nickel or Brass Hanging Lamp with Shade and Smoke Bell B-114 – White Moonstone B-50 – Clear B-133 – Silver C-6110 – Cranberry (2012-2015) B-55 – Amber* B-47 – Clear B-54 – Green* 101A – Nickel or Brass Table Lamp with 201 Opal Shade 10002-0946 – Cobalt Nickel with Violets Shade (2018, 150 made total Cobalt/shade combos)

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