a fuse should always be placed in the

A thick copper plate of dimensionsis welded to the lower end of the copper rod and it is buried in the ground. (a) Why is top pin thicker and longer than the other two? Power The fuse must always be connected in the live wire. Explanation: A switch must be connected in live wire, so that when it is in 'off' position, the circuit is incomplete and no current reaches the appliance through the live wire. Inside the body is a thin wire conductor that’s designed to melt away if the current exceeds the rated threshold. The fuse is connected to live wire joined to 3 so that in case of excessive flow of current fuse melts first and breaks down the circuit to protect appliances. Insulators should always be inspected for breaks, cracks, and burns. Fuses and fuseholders must be designed to permit fuse replacement by qualified maintenance personnel using identified equipment with or without de-energizing the fuseholder as permitted under certain maintenance procedures.

(b) Name the part of the appliance which is earthed. A switch is an on-off device for current in a circuit (or in an appliance). What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? For AGC cylindrical fuses, there are two distinct types of fuse holders to choose from.

shows three lamps and three switches 1, 2 and 3. Also by having the fuse after the switch the current is still limited by the fuse so that the current rating of the switch isn't exceeded. It is placed in series with the electrical circuit it is intended to protect. What is a fuse? (a) The three wires are: Live wire, Earth wire and Neutral wire. Characteristics of Fuses and Fuseholders Colour (c) Main switch is connected in the live and neutral wires. This is the fourth release of this standard. At what voltage and frequency is the a.c. supplied to our houses?

The electric meter in a house measures the electrical energy consumed in kWh. In Part 1 of this two-part series we focused on fuses rated 600V or less, Unsafe Conditions in Start-Up Testing and Commissioning — Part 5, How to Keep Variable-Frequency Drives and Motors Running, How to Select Motors for Hazardous Locations. A properly designed weak spot (fuse) is intentionally placed in the circuitry to automatically open the circuit and prevent extensive damage to electrical components. 'A fuse is rated 8 A'. Name the switch/switches to be closed so as to light all the three lamps. State the purpose of using a fuse in a circuit. By placing the fuse on the positive input terminal, in case of a short-circuit it blows off and cuts of the live power supply, insulating the equipment from damage and eliminating the risk of electric shock.
The Physics textbook solutions also detail the arrangement to be made for connecting appliances to the mains. ​Part 2 of this two-part series focuses on fuses rated greater than 1,000V. Draw a labelled diagram with necessary switch, regulator etc. All the current in a circuit must travel through the hot.

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